Amargosa Valley and Beatty Internet Service

Welcome to Mojave Development's Internet Service web site. We are the local company that provides high speed Internet service in Amargosa Valley and Beatty, Nevada. We offer Internet service at a rate of $30 per month for residential customers. Service for business is also offered.


Standard Residential Plan:



Installation is $100

Purchase a router from us for $50 if you need one


$30 per month

We bill quarterly - $90 every 3 months

(Option to bill monthly)

Schedule an Installation! Call us at
(775) 372-1034




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Have many users that watch videos, want to do some higher bandwidth gaming, or just want even faster speeds?
Try our 3 Mbps Plan


Have any questions or want to schedule an Installation?
Call us: (775) 372-1034





*Cancellation (primarily due to nonpayment) may be subject to a $36 re-activation fee if you choose to continue service with us.


150 GB combined download/upload data allotment applies. After 150 GB is used, speeds are slowed to approx. 50 kbps, enough for email and basic web browsing. If you exceed the allotment, you may choose to purchase an additional 150 GB of high speed data (lasts for the rest of the month) for $20. Please note that 150 GB is more than enough for 95% of our customers.